Muhammad Nauman Shahid is passionate about blockchain technology, entrepreneurship, and artificial intelligence. He is currently a doctoral student at the National University of Singapore, pursuing his passion for research in these cutting-edge fields. Before starting his current academic career, Shahid earned a Master's in computer engineering from Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University. He also has six years of professional experience in both the public and private sectors.

Shahid’s key appointment was as a Young Parliamentary Associate in the National Assembly of Pakistan. During this time, his main role was to conduct policy research on IT reforms that could modernize the IT infrastructure of the National Assembly of Pakistan.

In his career as an independent researcher, Shahid has published scientific papers in reputable academic journals such as IEEE Control Systems and major international conferences such as the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). He has also written web articles on a variety of topics, from technology to politics.

Shahid is a passionate Cessna pilot who loves the thrills of flying, skydiving, and paramotor gliding. He is an excellent cook, known for his mouth-watering biryani and Greek salad. He often gives advice on aspects of love and relationships. Shahid has explored more than 60 countries but is still waiting for the time when he can afford a trip to Antarctica.